The Moon – Inyanga Hip Pack

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Lifetime warranty
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"This young entrepreneur sold out all his luxury leather bags after a single tweet - even President Cyril Ramaphosa has one"


"Inga Gubeka's bags have grabbed the attention of fashionistas worldwide"

True exclusivity

Made just for you

Every piece that leaves our atelier has been crafted for a singular patron. Deciding how your handcrafted bag should look like is the ultimate exclusive luxury experience. Fashion tells a story, what do you want yours to say?

Responsible, always.

Justifiable Pricing

Traditional luxury brands markup their products 10x the true cost. Because we take pride in being a responsible brand, we refuse to do that. We work directly with local African artisans with years of experience and pay fair wages. By cutting out unnecessary middlemen we can stand shoulder to shoulder with traditional luxury brands at a fraction of the typical price.

Be different

Change the world with us.

Join a President and Oscar winning actors, and change the face of contemporary luxury. From being Fashion Week's runway to your closet. Leave the follow-crowd behind, and discover luxury from Africa's richest square mile.